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About Me

I am most definitely a day time person. I wake up rather "anxious" and prefer the majority of my appointments to be prior to 7pm. This does not mean I will not see you in the evenings, it just means that my personal preference is the daytime and evenings will require some planning. I am really not much of a "telephone" person, at least until I get to know you. Until that point, I prefer email contact.

I'm a very happy, easy going, open minded and friendly person. I enjoy helping people and working with them to acheive their fantasies. I consider myself to be a down to earth, intelligent person. I tend to be rather quiet and enjoy reading. I also enjoy all sorts of music, my favorite being Classic Rock. I love the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Lynard Skynard, The Eagles and Pink Floyd. I'm not much of a TV watcher but I do love movies. Comedies are my favorite. Actually I love anything that can make me laugh.

I am most definitely NOT a telephone person. As a matter of fact, they annoy me. I much prefer email or PM contact from gentlemen-- well at least until I get to know them a bit. It is very difficult to talk to or get a feel for a person that you do not know on the telephone. Once I am comfortable you will find me to be very open and easy to chat with.

Screening is required for all new visitors, there is simply NO way around this process. Once we get past this requirement, it is all about YOU and YOUR needs. I do not require this to inconvenience you, but our safety is very important to me. My screening form is located under the "contact" tab here on my website. I do NOT take screening information via telephone. I am usually available Mon-Fri 8am-10pm (earlier and later can be arranged with advance notice), Sat and Sun 10am-10pm. I am located in the North Central Dallas area. I do travel extensively to many different areas. Please be sure to take a look at my calendar.

Town: Dallas
Location: Texas
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 28
Bust: 36D
Services: A-Level, DFK, FK, GFE, Incall, Outcall, Tour


I provide a slow, sensual experience and want to take my time and give each gentleman the time and attention he deserves.

Any one of my "experiences" can be catered to meet your specific needs. Once your screening is completed, feel free to openly express your desires to me. From that moment on this experience is all about YOU and I truly enjoy making you smile.

Yes, I cater to fetishes. Again, complete your screening then just ask.

~~Lingham Massage~~

For the ultimate in mind blowing, earth shattering pleasure my "Lingham massage" is not to be missed! (Partial explanation of the Lingham Massage) Have the receiver lie on his back with pillows under his head so he can look up at his partner (giver). Place a pillow, covered with a towel, under his hips. His legs are to be spread apart with the knees slightly bent (pillows or cushions under the knees will also help) and his genitals clearly exposed for the massage. Before contacting the body, begin with deep, relaxed breathing. Gently massage the legs, abdomen, thighs, chest, nipples, etc., to get the receiver to relax.

Remind the receiver to breathe deeply and to sink deeper into relaxation. Pour a small quantity of oil on the shaft of the Lingam and testicles. Begin gently massaging the testicles, taking care to not cause pain in this sensitive area. Massage the scrotum gently, causing it to relax. Massage the area above the Lingam, on the pubic bone. Massage the Perineum, the area between the testicles and anus. Take time when massaging the shaft of the Lingam. Vary the speed and pressure. Gently squeeze the Lingam at the base with your right hand, pull up and slide off, then alternate with your left hand. Take your time doing this, right, left, right, left, etc. Then, change the direction by starting the squeeze at the head of the Lingam and then sliding down and off.

Again, alternate with right and left hands. Massage the head of the Lingam as if you are using an orange juicer. Massage all around the head and shaft. In Tantra there are many nerve endings on the Lingam that correspond to other parts of the body. It is believed that many ailments may be cured by a good Lingam massage. The Lingam may or may not go soft as you perform this technique. Do not worry if it doesn't get hard again. You will probably find that it will get hard, then go soft, get hard again, etc., which is a highly desirable Tantric experience, like riding a wave, bobbing up and down. Hardness and softness are two ends of the pleasure spectrum. If it appears that the receiver is going to ejaculate, back off, allowing the Lingam to soften a little before resuming the massage. Do this several times, coming close to ejaculation, and then backing off. It is important to remember that the goal is not orgasm in and of itself. Men can learn the art of ejaculatory mastery and control by coming close to ejaculation and then backing off on the stimulation. Deep breathing is key here and will soften the urge to ejaculate. Eventually ejaculatory mastery will allow you to make love as long as you want and you can become multi-orgasmic without losing a drop of semen. Orgasm and ejaculation are two different responses that you can learn to separate.

The result is a very expanded sex life. The Sacred Spot Find and massage the male Sacred Spot. There is a small indentation about the size of a pea or maybe larger midway between the testicles and anus. Be gentle and push inward. He will feel the pressure deep inside and it may be uncomfortable at first. Eventually, as this area is worked on and softened, he will be able to expand his orgasms and master ejaculatory control. You can massage his Lingam with your right hand and massage his Sacred Spot with your left hand. Try pushing in on this spot when he nears ejaculation. The man may have strong emotions come up during access to the Sacred Spot. Be the best friend and healer he could have in that moment. You, the giver, are creating a place of trust and intimacy..


ATTENTION NEW CLIENTS!!! Your request should be accompanied by your screening information! I need your name, contact number and provider references. (2 references, where they advertise and how to contact them) If you do not have provider references, I may be able to screen you with your work information or refer you to a screening service that I accept. I accept Roomservice2000, Preferred411 and DateCheck.

1 hour$ 225$ 250
1.5 hours$ 330$ 350
2 hours$ 425$ 450
3 hours$ 600$ 650
4 hours$ 800$ 850
Evening (5 hours)$ 1000$ 1000
Dinner Date$ 600 (3 hours maximum)$ 700 (Maximum of 3 hours)
Overnight$ 1500$ 1500 (NO private residences. Hotel ONLY!)

Contact Email Adress:


Want to bring a gift? It is always a welcome surprise to receive something unexpected from a gentleman.

I am a creature of the sea and love anything nautical.

Most men know that diamonds are a girls best friend but I also love teddy bears (TY bears or any soft and cuddly), collect dolphins, lighthouses and dolls, love candles (flower scents), sexy lingerie (favorite colors are black and bright blue), perfume (my favorites are JLO, Beautiful and any Victorias Secret), jewelry (ears are pierced), gift cards (Victorias Secret, Walmart, Target, Bath and Body Works, Ross) and of course a little something extra in my envelope at the end of our time together is always appreciated.